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The idea for establishing the foundation appeared as a result of  our numerous visits in Georgia, the country, which is a great inspiration for this kind of activity. Besides, it is noticeable, especially in the internet, that the number of Georgia admirers is constantly increasing. The most convincing  is just visiting Georgia – although there is poverty there, the beauty of the country is overwhelming, mainly because of Caucasus and an access to the Black Sea. Moreover, Georgian hospitality is charming and memorable for a long time. Everyone who has been to Georgia had an opportunity to experience Georgian sympathy towards Poles.  Through our charitable activity, we want to refer to Georgian huge heart and kindness. We would like to help  with your support, many children, adolescents, and lonely elders to defeat, what sometimes seems  to be undefeatable, namely, poverty. We have many Polish ambassadors in Georgia, and in fact, they are people who gave us the first clue to create such a foundation. Those people are missionary priests who live in Caucasus region, but also many courageous volunteers, who come back every year as they state they cannot live without Georgia.  Because of being mentally rooted in Caucasus, we would like to invite you to cooperate and to be the part of our team supporting people in Georgia. The name of our foundation is “PRO SPE” which means “towards hope.”  Thus, if we can give something to other people, let’s just  give it. Why should we give it? Because we have got a bit more. We encourage you to make yourself acquainted with our projects for helping. Everything that we do is consulted with Polish priests and volunteers working in Georgia.  Such activities enhance efficiency of our work. This is why we invite you to join a beautiful missionary world in order to carry hope for everyone who needs it.


Our team:


Ks. Maciej Gierula

The founder and initiator of Pro Spe Foundation. A keen travel lover – because of his passion for travelling, he was treated as a bit ridiculous person at home until his family once claimed: “ let’s get off his tail, he wouldn’t stay in one place anyways.” And so his heart has stayed in Caucasus. The first time he went there was only because it was Georgia which had invited him… by cancelling visas. Pro Spe Foundation is the proof that he has never left this country. Currently, he works in Apostolic Administration for Catholics in Caucasus.



Katarzyna Węgrzyn – Nowak

She undertook to do the paperwork in Foundation. This is the person, who being inspired by vibrancy and energy of Georgian children, wants to send as many Georgian kids as possible on holiday, but at the same time, she scrutinizes Foundation account in order to notice whether somebody has sent a couple of zlotys.





Grażyna Groszek

The member of the board and the main accountant in a big company. She loves the concrete thing of balance sheets and accounts, and this is why she is the brain of all Foundation’s numbers. By her vigilant look, characteristic of “science people”, she takes care of everything to be in order.





Artur Motyka

The member of the Foundation Council. He is the man who fell to his knees when he saw Georgia for the first time. Since then, he leaves duties in his company only to help in building in Georgia. He has already sent four lorries to Georgia, packing huge semitrailers by himself. What is the most important – he convinces that it is not the end of  transport logistic with aid to Georgia.




Małgorzata Sawicka

The member of the Foundation Council. She has as many hearts as people in need whom she has met in her life. She works at the hospital school and through the commitment to Foundation, she wishes for the Georgian children to have at least the similar medical care as in Poland.





Alicja Niziołek

The member of the Foundation Council. She is the woman who knows everything about what and where can be bought cheaper and more efficiently, because if there is a chance to buy economically, there is no point in spending too much. Her hints for purchase let the Foundation to save some money.



Our advisors:

Adam Ostrowski – IT strategies and ideas how to sell ideas are his specialties.

Mariusz Majewski – a keen journalist and speech writer, he tracks and checks every word which comes out of us into the world.

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