Everyone dreams about good, peaceful life without worrying about loved ones. We help the poorest families in Georgia. You may be wondering “Why Georgia?”. So, fate led on us into this beautiful place, where we meet wonderful people. They live in poverty, but they are very welcoming and friendly to others. Therefore, we decide to share with them what we have. We have created a project “Bread with butter for children in Georgia”, and together with benefactors of our foundation we help about 200 families with many children and those who are struggling with child’s or other family disease. They have to spend most part of the home budget for medications and other most needed hygiene products. We do everything to give them a sense of stability. The help that they receive is a huge support for them. For many of us it is an ordinary help, nothing special, but for them it is a priceless gift. They are very grateful for what we give them. It is beautiful when a family helps other families in need. We invite you to our ProSpefamily, we care for people when in need, not paying attention to  obstacles and adversities. We work with power and do everything to change the world for better! We start on small tasks to make this huge job work. Be generous and give poor children meals everyday. You can become a shareholder of this project by providing a single or fixed monthly financial support ( 30, 50, 100 PLN). This will allow us to provide families with the help they need each month without worries and fear they will be suffer from hunger.