Meeting with Pope Francis in Tibilisi

Not only Poland but also the whole world was absorbed by The Youth Days in Cracow. It was a celebration of youth, which inspired a lot of people to spread the spark of mercy. These days will inevitably stay in our minds. The next visit of Pope Francis is due to take place in Georgia from 30th September to 2nd October. It will be a huge honour for the Georgians who are looking forward to seeing the Pope. One event sounds particularly noteworthy- on the 1st October at 5 p.m. Pope Francis is going to meet the children, the handicapped and the sick who are the beneficiaries of Georgian charities. The meeting will take place outside the Aid Center for the Disabled in Tibilisi, run by the Camillian Order. The event will give the Georgians an unprecedented opportunity to cherish the presence of Pope Francis and feel appreciated and worthy.

If you have participated or observed World Youth Days in Cracow please support the transport of the Georgian disabled to Pope Francis’ meeting place. Full details of the event at . All the donated money will be given to the Camillians who are due to organize the transport.

Help the children and the disabled in Georgia to meet the Pope and thus give them great joy.

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Postscript: Meeting with the Pope