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Our initiatives

Hope for a hospice

The aim:

In Georgia the ill and the old are stuck only with themselves. It is very difficult to handle an illness or any disability on one’s own, additionally, solitude together with handicap puts up barriers that cannot be overcome on one’s own. Camillian Fathers have been taking care of such people for a few years. They have two special cars and two teams of reliable people who pay a visit to the houses of the needy. They help them in many ways. The range of care is dependent on a needy person’s health condition. Most often it is cleaning the house, bringing a warm meal, doing shopping but also giving medicines, wiping bedsores, changing incontinence pads, replacing a dressing, bathing, etc. By helping Camillian Fathers in Tbilisi we want to broaden the range of help.

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A camp of laughter

Once again, we support the organization of half-camps and camps for children from parishes and poor families. Last year, we were able to support the organization of two camps (half-camps) for children from the Caucasus. We want to extend this experience and support it this year as well. The first of such camps was organized in Georgia, in Khizabavra, for children from the village.

It was attended by 24 children from Khizabavry and 9 from Tbilisi. The village, whose original majority of inhabitants were Catholics, is very poor. Asphalt appeared there only last year. Until now, there is no regular, village store. The camp was carried out by volunteers from Poland and Georgia, under the spiritual protection of a priest from Poland. Every year, children await with great interest the holidays and the arrival of volunteers. It is an excellent form of recreation and the only opportunity for children to participate in an organized form of recreation. The second camp was organized in the Catholic parish in Sukhumi, Abkhazia. It was not an easy task. There were several different types of difficulties that were overcome. It was the first project of its kind in the republic which broke away from Georgia. Despite the lack of local volunteers with whom we could cooperate and the fear of how the local people would react to this type of event, we decided to take a chance. 14 children between the ages of 8 and 14 participated in the camp.

Children mostly came from poor families whom it is difficult to organize a family vacation because of financial problems. Six volunteers from Poland were responsible for the organization. The action, as it turned out, was very successful and accurate. The children who participated in the camp even demand and await for the next colony during the holidays. The news about the colony has spread positively among the residents who will be happy to bring their children to the camp. Our initiative is addressed to those children who come from families in a difficult material standing. We plan to organize two camps, one in July and the second in August. Two, seven-person groups of volunteers from Poland will be responsible for conducting the project. It is known that the more opportunities children will have, the better they will develop. Unfortunately, children in the Caucasus (in Georgia, Armenia, Abkhazia) do not have such opportunities as children in Poland. The aim of the project is to organize summer camps for children and possible subsequent support for „schoolchildren” from poor families. The organization of these camps will belong mainly to volunteers from Poland who are looking for support from local volunteers.

Each day of the camp is filled with carefully prepared activities by volunteers. These include: singing, dancing, gymnastics, games, integrating activities, group meetings on the theme of the day (usually taken from the biblical parable), theater classes and in this year volunteers want to add an English lesson. Each of the camps has their own trips, which help to get to know the region where the participants of the camp live. The organizers also pay attention to the good nutrition of children, which is not common in their families.

On camp or colonies participants can: play and relax in a way that develops, educates and does not make them bored, implement the camp’s program, develop sportmanship , develop artistic skills and present their own talents, take part in a tour and sightseeing program to get to know their own country, learn secrets of nature and its beauty in the region, collect interesting information about the visited places, their inhabitants and history, take care of their and other colleagues’ safety during classes and for the order in the facility. The goal of the camps and colonies is: To develop artistic and cultural interests. We also want to give opportunities for spiritual development, which are often lacking in environments. We also want to interest the participants in the values  from the Gospel. We also want to arouse new interests, develop talents and creativity of participants. We organize  anactivity holiday. Our experience shows that children do not need to be convinced too much for physical activities. Every child likes exercises, plays involving movement, trips, games and plays in the area.
However, we want to add what is not always known to the participants: the ability to be together and cooperate, respect for cultural and spiritual diversity, the desire to understand and to like other people. Children we reach often do not go outside their own town.

Needs: Costs of meals, accommodation, school supplies (paints, crayons, blocks, etc.), purchase of prizes for competitions. At the camp, volunteers will organize all kinds of competitions: singing, dancing, drawing and playing Participants will spend their time actively. There will certainly be plenty of outdoor activities (and here additional costs are generated).

Needs also include various types of learning for younger and older children: painting with paints, crayons, etc. A large part of the expenses are transport costs. The cost of livlihood of 1 child per one camp is : approx. 80 euros in Georgia and around 90 euros in Abkhazia .

Total number of children per camp: in Georgia approx. 30, in Abkhazia 18-20. Total number of camps: 3. Total amount per 1 colony / camp: from 1800 to 2200 Euro.


A warm soup for the homeless



The day wakes up, And so do I. It’s cold, I’m lying on a tiny blanket covered with cardboard, and next to me a cat that cuddles up, giving me warmth and a bit of closeness. Another frosty day, another fight for survival. I used to have big dreams, but … fate led me here. My house is the alley of station undergrounds. I live among people, they are so close, yet so far away; in the same world, yet in a completely different place… They look at me with contempt and avoid a wide arc, and I want to fall under the ground. They do not know that I would give so much to be one of them to live in their world that they live in. I know it’s easy to judge … but before you do it, think, what if it was you …? I do not remember the date, but I know that today is the day! One of the three weeks, during which my young compatriots will bring warm soup and a slice of bread to the station. And I will be there too … How lucky I am to be able to warm up my frozen body with hot soup and eat a slice of bread. An unbelievably delicious taste that this bread has. Once I didn’t think about how the bread tasted. It just was, nothing extraordinary. But now … everything has changed. Thanking you for a bowl of soup and a slice of bread, I step aside, and in the distance I see one of the volunteers, who with extraordinary care feeds a blind homeless boy sitting on the stairs leading to the underground station. Where is his home? He is still a child. Where is his family where is his carefree childhood? Why did he meet such a fate? “ There are many such stories, but our foundation together with Georgian volunteers and missionaries from Georgia wants to change and improve the fate of the poorest. In the logo, we have the word „hope” (pro-hope), which is why we give hope to the needy. Hope, that there is someone who will reach out and give selfless help to them, Someone who gives a slice of bread and with a smile will say „tasty”, Someone who will show the Good World. Be the Benefactor of the ProSpe Foundation, support this project and give hope. Give the homeless a bowl of soup and a slice of bread, thanks to you they will get a warm meal, which sometimes is the only one during the day. You can support our charges with a one-off payment or cover with constant monthly support, which will allow us to calmly take action now and repeat it every year to provide warm soup to the homeless and poor in far-away Georgia. The action is conducted three times a week from October to March. Its total cost is PLN 4,200. During the day, about 45 portions of soup are given, which gives PLN 58,50, 135 servings a week, that is PLN 175.50 and 540 a month, PLN 702, and during the whole event, we will distribute 3240 bowls of soup. The cost of one meal is PLN 1.30. Do you want to become a shareholder of this noble action? Give the homeless one or many more bowls of soup. Or maybe you will be a ONE DAY FOUNDATOR, ONE WEEK OR ONE MONTH of this action, and thanks to you, volunteers will feed all those who hungry and cold come to the station to refresh their bodies and whisper in a spirit, „thank you for taking care of me”. As Saint was saying Brother Albert: „You should be as good as bread, you should be like bread, which is for everyone on the table, from which everyone can cut a slice for themselves and feed themselves if they are hungry.”


Give a kilometer

Give a kilometer

It took us less than a year to collect the equipment for disabled which was transported to Georgia in September 2017. Why there? Because there are many people who cannot count on the help of their country and live in an extreme poverty, often without any livelihood, reliant on the help of others. With the help of Georgian missionaries, our foundation help those who need it the most. In Georgia among the poor part of society, when it comes to deal with disability, often a person loses and is trapped in his house. We want to help them overcome barriers, open the door, so that they can enjoy life and little joys of everyday life, which are unnoticeable for us, but for them are great happiness.

What we did

The value of the equipment which we provided exceeded PLN200 000 and the cost of transport and repairing amounted to PLN 15 000. It was transported to Georgia as a gift from people not only from Poland but also Germany. Those included, among others, dozens of wheelchairs of various types, rehabilitation standers, crutches, hospital beds, anti-bedsore mattresses ,standing frames and many more. Moreover we sent a large number of toys which went to kindergartens in poor parts in Georgia.

Thanks to TVP3 Rzeszow and Radio Rzeszow we could show that a lot of good and help come from the Podkarpacie region to far-away Georgia , that the inhabitants of our region want to help and get involved in different ways, whether through volunteering or financial support.  The most important thing is that we work together above divisions and boundaries. The Camillians delivered and distributed the equipment to the needy in few weeks time, what gives us a lot of joy and satisfaction and certainty  that such actions are needed and good. But this would not have been possible without the help of the Donors, thanks to whom we have collected equipment and funds for its transport. The next collection of equipment is the answer to the still existing needs of the disabled in Georgia.


Another action is ahead of us

From  January to May we will transport rehabilitation equipment given to us from different parts of Poland and Europe and at the turn of  May and June 2018 ,we plan to transport it to Georgia. The cost of the entire project is about PLN 20 000. Therefore, we are looking for the donors who will help us carry out and complete the action through supporting us with any amount. We ask from the bottom of  heart for help in form of monetary donation. In this way you will join the elite group of Benefactors of ProSpe Foundation and you will have a specific  contribution to the Good that changes the world. It will became an investment for the future offering the profits that cannot be measured by any statistics. The payment will be ordinary human gratitude , genuine smile and a quiet ‘madloba’ which means ‘thank you’ and the only measure will be the heart. This will give us the strength to act and help the needy and to build the Good World ,which is our common Home.

Be a shareholder of the ‘Give a kilometer’ action and buy a few KILOMETERS OF HELP. The disabled from Georgia are waiting impatiently for the equipment that thanks to you will open the window to the world and give them possibilities that were once just a dream.

1 km- 5 PLN

Choose the amount of kilometers and donate its equivalent sum to the bank account of ProSpe Foundation with annotation ‘Give a kilometer’.


Grandma’s House

Grandma’s House

5 days of war … and everything has changed …

There are several of them, and in every of them several dozen of identical small houses standing in even rows along narrow lanes. These are the refugee villages … Walking through the village, I meet children playing carelessly, adults working in home gardens and those who are separated from their daily duties, who gathered in groups talk about important and less important matters in life. I have the impression that time goes slower here. I keep going. On the outskirts of the village I see a figure,which seems to be immersed in thought, gazes into infinity as if there was something worth to remember forever. When I come closer, I hear: „There is my home”.The man reaches out and, pointing to the horizon with tears in his eyes, says: „I left everything there and probably I will never go back there”. Someone stole his happiness and home, which now is inhabited by the Russian family, and in return he got vegetation and refugee status and the feeling that he is supposedly at home, and yet such strange. I tried to imagine what it would be like if I was in a similar situation. But can you imagine it? I felt only a warm tear running down my cheek. I thought it could not be like that! That must change!You have to help them!
 The war touched the children and youth the most, condemning them to the lack of opportunities for development and life without prospects. I joined the Pro Spe Foundation and I invite you as well. Be a shareholder of this change.  Join us and you will see how the hope that we will give together to the poor people of Georgia, will give us joy, satisfaction, a sense of a well-fulfilled mission and a change of the world for the better. Grandma’s House is a unique place where even for a moment children can forget about a sad reality, discover joy, desire to live, develop talents, passions and make dreams come true …


55 pre-school and school children attend Grandma’s House and classes are conducted three times a week. The annual cost of maintenance an afterschool club is GBP 10,000 which is GBP 850 per month, and one day for one child is GBP 1,50. As part of this amount, children are provided with the help of pedagogues, psychologist, educational aids, books, additional classes, a modest meal, and thanks to Polish missionaries – Camillian fathers, they can learn about our culture and correspond with Polish children.

Everyone has dreams, but not everyone has the opportunity to fulfil them…

Helping these children, we give hope … hope for a better future, for a good job, for a decent life, for developing passions and talents, for the realization of dreams. We should not let them stay at the refugee village and live without prospects standing on the threshold of adulthood. They deserve success as well as our children, so let us share what we have to give them a chance for a better life. At the start, they have experienced a lot of evil, cruelty and poverty. Unfortunately, parents often cannot cater for their basic needs, not to mention  education at a higher level. That is why we ask for support and help.

  Help children from the Grandma’s House and take on a long-distance adoption of one child by paying a monthly fixed amount of GBP 5, GBP 11 or GBP 21 for half a year or a year. You will provide the children with the opportunity to develop and educate, give them a sense of security and the certainty that there is someone who opened their hearts to the needs of others by sharing the good that a fate gave to them.

Give hope and make their dreams come true…


Georgia is a country where sick and disabled people still live on the margins of social life. Sick and disabled children are the most vulnerable, and their life and future are completely dependent on other people. Parents who are often affected by great poverty can not provide them with the right conditions for development or the treatment and care they need. The Camillian’s mission reaches people who are needy and sick, helping them and, if possible, relieving them in suffering. Thanks to the kindness and support of people who want to help the poorest in 2015, a rehabilitation project for disabled children has been successfully launched. As part of the project, for more than two years, sick children benefit from rehabilitation and therapy with a speech therapist at the Saint Camil Centre in Tbilisi, as well as from transport there.

Five people are currently involved in the project. We want to tell you the story of each of them and ask for financial support, which will be entirely intended for further rehabilitation.

See how we can help them in action -> „Give a kilometer”


Meet Vaża, a happy eight-year-old boy who suffers from cerebral palsy from birth. He lives with his mother and younger brother. Living conditions of the family are very difficult, until recently they occupied one room, using a building that was a cluster of small rooms, which was once added.  In order to reach the room occupied by Vaża and his mother, it was necessary to go through the hen house and a very steep staircase. Due to his disability, the boy was unable to do that. It prevented him from leaving his apartment. For his mother, it became difficult to take an ever-larger and heavier boy up and down the stairs. A few months ago, the cousin noticed very difficult situation of Vaża and his mother and he gave them a piece of land on the outskirts of Tbilisi.

With the help of very friendly neighbors and one of the Georgian companies who got to know the history of Vaża, a small building was constructed. The building is currently in a stark condition. It is unplastered, the walls and partition walls are not sectionalized and the floor is only provisional. There is no equipment, no heating, no stove. There is no water in the building. All the „home” equipment consists of two beds, a sideboard, several cabinets, a table and several chairs.  The family already lives in this building, however, their financial situation prevents any action from being completed. The family receives 200 lari (approx. PLN 340) of social assistance and 100 lari (approx. PLN 170) for a boy’s pension.


Nikolosi is 12 years old and suffers from cerebral palsy. He lives with his mother who takes care of him alone. Niko moves in a wheelchair, and his degree of intellectual disability is high. The father abandoned his family a long time ago and rarely contacts with his son. Although he does not take part in raising the boy at all and, as his mother says, he never brought him even a few candies, Nikolosi loves his father very much and is eager for contact with him. He always responds with joy to every call or visit. Nikolosi does not go to school. Mom is not able to take him to school by bus or metro, they can not afford a taxi. So the boy has special education programme at home, a teacher comes to his home five times a month. However, this is not enough. Most of the time Niko spends with his mother at home and has very little contact with his peers. The boy receives a 180 lari pension, and his mother 108 lari of social assistance, together it gives an amount of approx. PLN 490. It’s all of the family’s monthly income.

Since year Nikolosi has been using free transport and therapy at the Saint Camil Centre. The center provides him with therapy with a physiotherapist Nino and occupational therapy. Nino tries to strengthen the boy’s hands and correct his posture so that the curvature of the spine does not progress. After one year of therapy, the boy’s mom sees some progress. When Niko feels good he is able to get out of bed himself, he also tries to lift himself up and grab the toys. Due to the spastic hands it is very difficult for him, but he is brave and does not give up. The occupational therapy is very important for the boy. The therapist through various games, plays and using interactive toys and therapeutic aids activates the boy and teaches him basic communication.



He participates in the rehabilitation project from the beginning of its existence, that is for over two years. Koba suffers from quadriplegia cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He lives with his mother, who raises him alone and takes almost 24/7 care over him. The boy’s mother can only afford to rent a room in an apartment with a foreign woman. The bathroom and kitchen remain for shared use. Koba receives a 180 lari annuity (approx.PLN 250.00), mother works as a cleaner one or two times a week (if she manages to find someone who will take care of Koba at that time). The family lives on the edge of poverty, they can afford only food.

(on the left photo of Koba and his mother)
Koba, although he is an 18-year-old boy, looks like a small child because of the illness. He suffers a lot, he cannot eat any solid food (mother usually feeds him semolina or mixed soups). The boy’s body is completely deformed. To a large extent it is the fault of neglect in the rehabilitation and care for the boy. Koba used rehabilitation only in early childhood, later he stayed at home for years, taking only medicines for epilepsy. When we met him, we could not remain indifferent to his immense suffering.

In the centre of Camil, Koba benefits from rehabilitation and therapy with a speech therapist. Due to the very advanced level of disability of the boy, constant rehabilitation and care of specialists is needed. The most important thing now is to postpone the progression of the disease and bring relief to Koba. Koba’s mother noticed that the rehabilitation contributed to the fact that very tense muscles of the boy relax somewhat, especially when boy lies. With the help of mother, he can slowly stretch his right hand, which has always been constricted. During classes with a speech therapist who massages the face of the boy. This is to improve swallowing and chewing. Mother of  Koba is very happy with the effects of therapy. She sees a significant improvement, Koba chokes less and less and can swallow with greater ease. Rehabilitation in the Center of St. Camil also fulfills a socializing role. The centre is the only place where Koba has the opportunity to meet his peers. He stays alone with his mother all day, so contact with other people is invaluable.


Karen he is a cheerful eight-year-old boy. He was born healthy but at the age of two he became very ill. It started with pneumonia and as a result of complications the boy fought for life for several months. His mother says that there was no contact with him at that time, and the family looked with horror at how the healthy child was disappearing in their eyes.  After the illness, Karena’s development stopped. The boy started talking very late and, for a very long time, he could not walk on his own.

Karen lives with parents, grandmother and younger sister Lisi. The boy’s mother looks after the children and his father has a part-time job. The Karen’s pension, the grandmother’s pension and social assistance are regular income, which gives a total of approx. PLN 800 for a family of five per month.

Karen’s rehabilitation gives amazing results. Just a year and a half ago, Karen could not walk on his own and he’s doing it today. Systematic exercises have given very good results. Rehabilitator Laura, however, has a cautious approach to the successes in development of Karen. She notices that if her charge does not attend classes for 2-3 weeks, for example due to sickness or holidays, he moves much worse. We are now in a very important moment. We have the first successes but they are still fresh so that it will be easy to lose them. Please, support Karen.




Sopo is 25 years old, suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy. She lives in a two-room flat with her mother, grandmother, brother and his wife and three of their children. Living conditions of the family are very difficult. None of the family member is working, they are dependent on social assistance and pension, which Sofiko is entitled to. Sofiko does not speak because of her illness, does not move her legs. Her condition has deteriorated in recent years, which was certainly influenced by the lack of rehabilitation and proper medical care. The girl spent all her days at home, sitting in a wheelchair and practically doing nothing. She never went to any school, her contact with other people was limited only to the contact with the closest family. Sofiko needed a lot of rehabilitation, but the family was unable to provide it.

It is impossible to travel to the Rehabilitation Center with public transport using the girl’s current condition. Sofo was in a very bad condition, she started rehabilitation from basic exercises. Step by step, the rehabilitationists teach her new, correct movement patterns, correct posture, work on strengthening the spine and muscles. To our great joy, thanks to the constant care of the neuropathologist, Sopo began to respond positively to epilepsy medication, which makes the attacks rarer and less severe, and also the very embarassing salivation and sleep disturbance stopped. It is very important to continue the rehabilitation and the treatment process for as long as possible, so as not to lose the successes achieved and constantly improve the quality of life of Sopo, thus bringing relief to her great suffering. We also observe with great satisfaction the progress in communicating with the girl. Sopo does not speak , but she is able to answer basic questions through facial expressions or eye movements.

We are asking for financial help so that we can take care of Sopo.

Mate is 7 years old and suffers from children cerebral palsy. He lives with his 30-years-old mother Nino, older sister Marii that is 12 years old and little sister Nuza. His father left the family right after Nuza’s bitrh. Despite very hard financial situation, the family is very happy, full of love and mutual kindness. Mate needs rehabilitation. We believe that work with physiotherapist will help him to function better and relieve his suffering. We ask you for help, so that Mate can start his rehabilitation, which may be the path to a better life for boy.


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Joanna Palica


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