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Hope for a hospice

The aim:

In Georgia the ill and the old are stuck only with themselves. It is very difficult to handle an illness or any disability on one’s own, additionally, solitude together with handicap puts up barriers that cannot be overcome on one’s own. Camillian Fathers have been taking care of such people for a few years. They have two special cars and two teams of reliable people who pay a visit to the houses of the needy. They help them in many ways. The range of care is dependent on a needy person’s health condition. Most often it is cleaning the house, bringing a warm meal, doing shopping but also giving medicines, wiping bedsores, changing incontinence pads, replacing a dressing, bathing, etc. By helping Camillian Fathers in Tbilisi we want to broaden the range of help.

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A camp of laughter

The aim:

It is widely known that the more possibilities children have, the better their development is. Unfortunately children in Georgia do not have the same possibilities as our Polish children do. The aim of the project is to organize summer camps for children and alternatively school supplies for school learners from poor families coming from Georgian villages. Young volunteers from Poland and other European countries will take care of them at these camps. It is difficult to organize a few centers  but the camps are situated in 2 places named exactly the same  – Chizabawra. Read more >

A warm soup for the homeless

For a couple of years a group of volunteers in Tbilisi (working earlier for the Diocesan Programme of Voluntary Service, later with Caritas charity which priest J. Pilus was responsible for) has been organizing a warm meal which is distributed at a railway station in Tbilisi. It has  turned out that such a need is huge  and it is beyond organisers’ capabilities. Admittedly, it is sometimes the only meal of that type. This campaign is run during winter months , that’s why the need is much greater as the temperatures are very low. What is more, there isn’t any urban heating working in that place and people have to heat up their flats at their own expenses. Read more >

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