The day wakes up, And so do I. It’s cold, I’m lying on a tiny blanket covered with cardboard, and next to me a cat that cuddles up, giving me warmth and a bit of closeness. Another frosty day, another fight for survival. I used to have big dreams, but … fate led me here. My house is the alley of station undergrounds. I live among people, they are so close, yet so far away; in the same world, yet in a completely different place… They look at me with contempt and avoid a wide arc, and I want to fall under the ground. They do not know that I would give so much to be one of them to live in their world that they live in. I know it’s easy to judge … but before you do it, think, what if it was you …?

I do not remember the date, but I know that today is the day! One of the three weeks, during which my young compatriots will bring warm soup and a slice of bread to the station. And I will be there too … How lucky I am to be able to warm up my frozen body with hot soup and eat a slice of bread. An unbelievably delicious taste that this bread has. Once I didn’t think about how the tasted of bread . It just was, nothing extraordinary. But now … everything has changed. Thanking you for a bowl of soup and a slice of bread, I step aside, and in the distance I see one of the volunteers, who with extraordinary care feeds a blind homeless boy sitting on the stairs leading to the underground station. Where is his home? He is still a child. Where is his family where is his carefree childhood? Why did he meet such a fate? “


There are many such stories, but our foundation together with Georgian volunteers and missionaries from Georgia wants to change and improve the fate of the poorest. In the logo, we have the word „hope” (pro-hope), which is why we give hope to the needy. Hope, that there is someone who will reach out and give selfless help to them, Someone who will gives a slice of bread and with a smile will say „tasty”, someone who will show the Good World.

Be the Benefactor of the ProSpe Foundation, support this project and give hope. Give the homeless a bowl of soup and a slice of bread, thanks to you they will get a warm meal, which sometimes is the only one during the day. You can support our charges with a one-off payment or cover with constant monthly support, which will allow us to calmly take action now and repeat it every year to provide warm soup to the homeless and poor in far-away Georgia. The action is conducted three times a week from October to March. Its total cost is PLN 4,200. During the day, about 45 portions of soup are given, which gives PLN 58,50, 135 servings a week, that is PLN 175.50 and 540 a month, PLN 702, and during the whole event, we will distribute 3240 bowls of soup. The cost of one meal is PLN 1.30. Do you want to become a shareholder of this noble action? Give the homeless one or many more bowls of soup. Or maybe you will be a ONE DAY FOUNDATOR, ONE WEEK OR ONE MONTH of this action, and thanks to you, volunteers will feed all those who hungry and cold come to the station to refresh their bodies and whisper in a spirit, „thank you for taking care of me”.

As Saint Brother Albert was saying : „You should be as good as bread, you should be like bread, which is for everyone on the table, from which everyone can cut a slice for themselves and feed themselves if they are hungry.”